FramesofNature ?

Marrying the two things that I am passionate about, one being Nature and the other, Photography, is the idea behind this pseudonym. Framing the beauty ( or at times the human-induced ugliness ) of Nature through Photography with an intent to learn more about and share the same with others, is the drive for my website here.

Santhosh Krishnamoorthy - FramefOfNature

About Me

I am Santhosh Krishnamoorthy from Bangalore. Love the wilderness and love travelling it. I share the experiences from my trysts with nature, the learnings and the images here.

Birdwing, is a company that I run along with my friend and its founder, Kesava. At Birdwing, we conduct Photography Tours and Workshops aimed at providing a stepping stone for many new comers and amateurs into the world of photography, more specifically nature photography.

If you would like to use/buy any of my images here or want to join in on any of the photography tours/workshops, do get in touch by email : [email protected] OR [email protected]

Know more about me and let me know your thoughts on the website, images or anything else you have on your mind here :-)

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