Mysteries of a rainforest night

Nights in a rainforest are far from being a silent affair. The whole forest seems to come alive as the darkness sets in. While the day time performers of a musical symphony are the cicadas, the nights belong to the crickets. And if it is monsoon season, the multitude of frogs chime in with their vocal contributions. The rhythmic music of crickets accompanied by the high pitched tones of the frogs, the spooky calls of a nightjar or an owl, the gurgling sounds of the many streams breaking through their rocky paths, the soft, chill breeze blowing through the leaves and branches of tall trees, among many others, are what characterise a rainforest night.

So many things transpire under the cover of darkness. While many of the denizens are looking for a safe place to sleep through the night, many others wake up from their day long snooze to look for a good meal and a few others have love on their mind.

The bees have come home for the night. Clutching onto this hanging twig, they get ready to have a good nap.


A beautiful, blue mormon butterfly has found its place, to roost for the night.


As the diurnal ( active during the day ) creatures get on with their sleep, the nocturnal ( creatures of the night ) ones start preparing themselves to look for food. Many eyes watch you when you tread along in the night. Patterns, that are as amazing as they are unnerving, form out of the darkness. Here are two glowing eyes, patterns on the abdomen of an orb-weaving spider. The spider was ready with her web, waiting for its prey.


A net-casting spider with its large, bulging eyes, starts weaving its web just as the night settles. Those big eyes give it good visibility in the darkness.


Weaving a rectangular shaped web ( which looks like a fishing net ) it hangs upside down, close to the forest floor. It then waits for an unsuspecting prey to wander by. When it spots something within reach, the spider casts its web ( like a fisherman casting his net ) and captures the prey.


Frogs become highly active and vocal during the night. It truly is an orchestra. Calls can be seen emanating from every bush and thicket around.

As the frogs become active, so do their predators. Snakes start stalking the amphibians. With so many frogs around, snakes look out to make the best of the opportunities available. Here’s a checkered keelback stalking a golden frog.


With all the buzz around, there is still time for love. Some creatures are on the look out for some company. Here are a mating pair of stick insects.


A night in a rainforest is truly adventurous. Treading carefully, without causing any disturbance to its denizens, one can have an amazing experience.

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