Best of 2018 in pictures

As the year of 2018 comes to a close it is time reminisce, a customary look back at how the year was in terms of photography for me. The year began with the beautiful winged beauties of the Western Ghats on our bird photography workshop in Goa followed by the wonderful celestial event of Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse was the first I was able to sit through patiently, enjoy and capture in camera :-)

Post that, the first half of the year year saw photography workshops in Andamans, Tanzania, Kaziranga, Agumbe and Amboli. The latter half in Sundarbans, Masai Mara, Goa and Meghalaya. My workshop participants and I were witness to many wonderful moments like watching a massive male Elephant swimming across a big water body in Kaziranga, the wonderful vistas of the beautiful parks in Tanzania, the beautiful Courtship display of Great hornbills, the glowing bio-luminescent fungi, the awe-inducing water cascades of the North East, to name a few. These sights and moments, am sure, will be etched in our memories forever.


A wonderful personal moment was making a win at the prestigious

Nature’s Best Photography Asia Awards 2018

Made the ‘Highly Honored’ under the Birds category.

  We are just about finalising our 2019 travel calendar and I can’t wait to get back to these lovely places :)

Here are some of my personal favourite images from the year ( You can click on them to magnify )

Hope you like them. Would love to know your thoughts. If you have a compilation of images or stories to share from your jaunts in 2018, do drop a link in the comments below.


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