Meghalaya - Land of the clouds, rain and fog

Meghalaya - The name comes from two Sanskrit words, ‘Megh’ meaning clouds and ‘Alaya’ meaning abode, “The abode of the clouds”. So very apt. Visit the place in monsoon or just post monsoon and you will realise the true meaning of its name. Clouds dot the landscape everywhere. Water bearing rain clouds ready to pour their heart out or just beautifully aligned white clouds set against a brilliant blue sky or the clouds that sweep across the ground and the valleys in the form of fog, creating a thick white carpet cover.

I went there in the first week of this past October. Being a family outing, chose a time when the rains were not at their peak. Though the monsoon had just started receding, it was raining, albeit on and off and mostly during the nights. However, the flip side was that the day times could end up being foggy. Its all unpredictable anyway.

One night of heavy rain can get the water cascades to gush out in all their glory. Everywhere you look, there is a waterfall. All the streaks of white coming down from the hill tops, in the images below, are the water cascades.



Mesmerising sight it truly is! The fog keeps covering the landscape every now and then. But, when it clears, even for a few seconds, the view it reveals, is just stunning!

Clouds rise like smoke from the valley. Clearing and covering up every now and then.


Unlike the period during the peak of the monsoons, in October, there will be days with sunshine and lovely blue skies. A great time to head outdoors and explore. Pretty good time to visit many of the waterfalls around the place. Many hidden, should I say, not-so visited gems like the Krang Shuri falls (below) are a feast to the eyes. 


However, the clouds are never far away, especially in Cherrapunji. They can come sweeping over the landscape anytime. When we got down at a beautiful little lake, en-route Dainthlen falls, it was a lovely, sunny day. Just as we got down to take a few pictures, fog started coming in and the entire lake disappeared from view within a few seconds. The transformation was just amazing to witness.



The rains bring in beautiful blooms everywhere too.


Fog or not, the landscape is just amazing. Carved out by the multitude of rivers and streams and ornamented by the white carpet of clouds. It is like being on a different planet. A place to truly relish and soak in the nature.


Lots more about Meghalaya than can be covered in a single post. Will cover more about the amazing living root bridges, the mysterious limestone caves and take a closer look at some of the beautiful waterfalls in Meghalaya, in the next instalment of the blog post.

Am in love with the place. Surely heading there in October next year. If you are interested and want to join in, do drop in a mail. Will keep you posted.

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