LRK - the Sun and its Hues

The rising and setting of the Sun are always gorgeous and magical to witness, more so in places which have vast open spaces and an uncluttered view all the way to the horizon. The sky just seems to explode in a huge spectrum of colors. Hues, so dramatic and colorful that it creates long lasting imprints in the minds of its viewers.

In the Little Rann of Kutch ( LRK ), in Gujarat, the amazing diversity of wildlife and the huge expanses of the Rann, seem to add a bit more of flavor to these events. It is more so true during the winters over there, as the whole place is teeming with life, the sun is less harsh and the skies are pretty clear too.

LRK, happened to be the place of my visit, this past winter. While there, I wanted to try and capture a few of those magical sunrise and sunset moments. It was my first trip there and I did try to make the best of whatever opportunities we came by. Hope you like them…


All these frames are just a few attempts of mine at capturing the beauty. In no way, do I claim them to be great examples of photography or anything to that effect :-)

One fantastic morning, en-route to the Rann for our safari, we stopped by a lake just as the sun was coming out. The birds had already begun their daily morning rituals and there was a lot of activity all around.


A Gull, slowly moves along in the lake, enjoying the warm morning sun…..


A cormorant comes in for its morning breakfast, joining its fellow cormorants, who had already started off honing their fishing skills.


A shrike warms up to the morning sun to kick start its day….

Shrike at sunrise

On the first day of our outing to Kutch, we had been to this lake, a little late in the afternoon. We stayed put till the sun went down, enjoying a wonderful sunset, watching the Black-Winged Stilts go about their routine of digging through the shallow waters for a quick snack and a small herd of Wild Asses running around the lake bed. Probably, a cup of hot tea would have been an icing on the cake….. :-)



Wild Asses Chase

Any trip to the Rann isn’t complete without a few frames of the Wild Asses against a setting Sun. Here are a couple that I could manage……..though I was hoping for the sun to line up right behind the asses of these asses :-) , it wasn’t to be. Slightly cloudy sky,  played spoilsport…but, was happy with what I managed to get…..



As the asses hit a retreat, so it was for us, time to bid adieu and head back…..

One can never ever be truly satisfied with this magical place. Would love to visit the place again and again to soak in more of its beauty and those lovely moments with the sunsets.


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