Hooded Grasshopper

Hooded grasshoppers ( Teratodes ) are a genus of grasshoppers that are native to India and Sri Lanka. The striking characteristic of this insect is its wonderful armour-like structure, that stretches over most part of its dorsal side.


This structure looks like a large, sharp hood, thus the common name, hooded grasshopper. The hood also has a serrated-looking, yellowish-orange edge, giving the grasshopper an appearance of a leaf, helping it camouflage very well in the thick undergrowth.




These insects mainly feed on leaves and other plant matter. Their voracious appetite can lead them to become serious pests to plantations as well.

Whatever these little creatures are or are not, they are lovely to look at, won’t you agree! Added to that, they have built up an amazing adaptation that helps them survive and merge seamlessly into their surroundings.

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