Hampi - a sunset in paradise

Sunset is surely an everyday, common place phenomenon. However, whenever I see one, I seem to get drawn in. There is something peaceful, blissful, and relaxing in admiring the beauty of a setting sun and the gorgeous motley of colours and shapes that emanate from the same. If one were to sit and enjoy the moment, it triggers a wide range of emotions. It brings out a romantic in an otherwise bourgeois mind. It brings out a poet, an artist, a philosopher and many such. And, when a sunset gets beyond normal, it’s like being in paradise.

One such was when I was in Hampi, last December, leading a birding tour to the place. One of the evenings, after a fantastic birding session around the canal area near Kamalapura, we were getting ready to head back to our place of stay. That’s when we saw that the sky had turned into a brilliant hue of red. The glowing red sky was reflecting off the water flowing in the canal, making it look like a stream of blood. Was just amazing! The colours looked so saturated and bright. Had never seen anything like that before. 


But, we had caught this show quite late as the sun had already gone down. It was all over very quickly. Though we loved every minute of it, we yearned for more. We retired for the day thinking that we should be a little early for the sunset the next day and head to a lake or something nearby to have the best of it.

Just as we had planned, the next evening, we wrapped up our birding session early and headed to the university lake close to the canal area. As we were reaching the place, the sky was turning into pure gold. Saw a flock of birds flying away into the wonderful sunlight, probably heading to their roost.


The magic was starting to unfold. Colours that were splashed across the sky was just unbelievable. The shades and the hues were mesmerising. We all wanted to record this on our cameras in the best possible way. I went around looking for some kind of a foreground and luckily there was this beautiful stone structure in the lake. Using that, we made some images.



We just sat ourselves down by the side of the road and started taking in the magic of this nature’s show. The sun descended behind the horizon. The golden and the red hues slowly changed to hues of blue and purple.

Looking at the stillness of the lake against the last light of the day was such a peaceful and mind relaxing feeling. I just didn’t want to leave the place till it was completely dark and the last bit of sunlight had faded away.

Hampi is well known for its amazing sunrise and sunsets and I have been a witness to a few there as well. An earlier blog post here - Hampi - A magical sunrise and sunset 

However, this surely was one of the most magnificent play of colours that I have seen during a sunset. Don’t know if there was any scientific reason for such a blast of colours or if it is a common thing, but I loved every moment of it.

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