Agumbe calling......

Another tryst with Agumbe, the rainforest paradise……,just couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting this amazing place again.

Joined Darter for yet another photography workshop to this place, was wonderful…..

True to its reputation, it was pouring and pouring, like there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow.

Lots and lots of rain, lots of leeches, lots of getting soaking wet with absolutely no concept of ‘being dry’….and amongst all these, lots and lots of fun, learning and photographing…..

Here’s the collections of images that I made………, Hope you enjoy them……..

(This is a slideshow and for the first viewing might take, just, a wee bit of time, request your patience… :-)

If for some reason, the slideshow above, doesn’t seem to work, you can browse the gallery here…..


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