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African rendezvous

Some truly brilliant moments highlighted my trip to Africa in Aug/Sep this year. African experience is nothing short of being magical, as always. I have had the opportunity of traveling across Africa multiple times before. Albeit that, every time I travel there, the experience has been completely unique and refreshing. One can never have enough of the place and one never tires of the huge diversity of experiences that Africa has to offer.

Here’s a short collection of images and videos from the recent outing ( Lot more to look at and process, no mean task in itself 🙂 ) 

You can view some of my older image galleries here as well – Africa Image Galleries

Hope you enjoy these. Do drop in a comment to let me know your thoughts.


Music: Youth
Musician: Ikson Site:


Music: Discover
Musician: Ikson


Music: Future Bass
Musician: Michael OnLine



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