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African Safari with an iPhone

There is a very common saying that goes something like this :

The Best Camera is the One You Have With You

This is kind of true isn’t it? Moments in Nature are so fleeting and unpredictable that many a situation occurs where-in we are caught totally off-guard. The situation would demand us to record the transpiring event in some way, rather than rueing over the lack of availability of the right camera gear at that point, wouldn’t you agree?

With the widespread proliferation of mobile phones and rapid advancements in the quality and capabilities of the cameras on them, mobile phones can definitely be considered to serve the purpose of being the camera you have on you at any point in time. Albeit their obvious limitations when compared to a much advanced digital camera, mobile phone cameras can still produce some lovely images with the right choice of lighting and compositions ( which are fundamental elements of photography anyways 🙂

During my recent trip to Africa, I used my iPhone quite extensively.

Here is an amalgamation of the images shot on my phone as a short video.


Hope you enjoyed them. Please do let me know your thoughts by dropping in a comment below. Until next time, adios.

PS: Please note that I do not endorse creating nuisance in the garb of doing mobile photography, like trying to get closer and closer to the animals, making them uncomfortable etc. Mobile phone should be looked at as a quick tool to capture that fleeing moment rather than as a replacement for a more sophisticated camera. They have to be used with utmost responsibility and care.

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