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Macro Magic from Agumbe – III

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During the camp, we stayed at the Rainforest Ecology – Kaalinga camp site, in tents pitched right inside the rain forest. The site is being run by the famed herpetologist Gowri Shankar and his team. The place has all the basic amenities which are very neatly maintained and the food, wow, very sumptuous, made from locally available ingredients, is worth writing home about….Nothing like getting back to good food after the arduous trekking trails….. 🙂
Crab, carrying her babies to safety…
Tiger beetle with a kill….
Nature in a capsule….
Blue eyed bush frog…
Beddome’s keelback….
Green vine snake…
Green vine….

Was a very educative and invigorating experience. Thanks to Darter for organizing such a wonderful tour. Hope to go there again very soon… 🙂

Complete collection of pics here – Agumbe-Macro-Magic

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